Social Media Specialist / Store Manager / Customer Service

Christos and Tasos are friends since the age of 8. Tasos was present at Hood Branded even when this project was just an idea. He organised everything from scratch and he is always there to cover all Hood Brandeds’ needs.

Since February 2019 Tasos took the best Social Media and Marketing Courses and took over Hood Brandeds’ online Presence and business organization. He is also responsible to serve our Customers’ needs. The man behind the scenes, always there to resolve any issue and Christos’ right hand. A friendship that lasts 20 years turned out to be a successful Partnership.

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About Hood

Hood Branded barbershop is a Neo traditional barbershop based in Athens since 2016. It combines the full experience of a traditional barber aesthetic with the new generation.

Our vision is to change the word one haircut at a time!


Kinda Classic, Kinda Hood

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